With over a decade of experience in the public speaking arena at a variety of events and workshops, and in a number of different guises, James can help you ensure that you deliver on your core objectives. A highly engaging and energetic presence, James also has an interesting story to tell, and who doesn’t love a story…


In the beginning there was chaos.” Hesiod

James is the epitome of achieving in life in the face of adversity. On paper he should never have succeeded, and he was told he would never amount to anything. That’s why he will always champion the underdog and believes that whatever your start in life there is always a chance to succeed.

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“The first essential, the life and soul, so to speak, of a story, is the Plot.” Aristotle

James always has a story to tell – ideally that story is about how Ancient Greece has impacted the modern world, but there are a number of other topics James specialises in. From digital marketing strategy to history to Sussex, James’s passion and energy as a speaker always shines through no matter the topic or occasion.

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“Society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they will never sit in.” Ancient Greek proverb

Coaching and helping others be the best that they can be is something that James is incredibly passionate about. From coaching and developing teams to understanding your target audience, building a marketing strategy to neurodiversity in the workplace, there are a number of topics that James is well equipped to coach and speak on. Coaching was a key part of his MBA course and also the module that he scored highest in.

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“Wit is educated insolence.” Aristotle

Quick, witty and topical, James has the ability to think on his feet and compere your event to a professional standard and also make your audience laugh. As a compere James is enthusiastic and full of energy as well as inspiring and thoughtful, ensuring that he interacts with the audience in the most appropriate manner. James’s positivity will ensure that your delegates leave your event feeling energised and inspired.

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